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Project Description

This toolkit is a collection of ready-to-use custom workflow activities to help manage views, filters, filter templates and local data groups in CRM 2011. The toolset contains the following custom workflow activities:

> DeleteSystemView: Delete a System View
> DeploySystemView: Deploy a System View
> DeployUserView: Deploy a Personal View
> InstantiateFilter: Instantiate Outlook and Offline filters for a user
> ResetUserFilters: Reset all Outlook filters for a particular user (online filters, offline filters or both)
> RetrieveView: Extract information about a System or Personal View
> SetFilterTemplateDefault: Set/Reset the IsDefault attribute for a Filter Template

Additional information about each tool can be found in my blog ( as well as in the Documentation pages.

Additional Information

For a list of articles related to this toolkit visit this category of my blog.

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