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DeleteSystemView deletes a system view. These views are contained in the SavedQueryBase table.

The activity can be set to run on any entity.


Parameter Required Direction Default Description
System View Id No Input null The Id of the view to delete.
System View Name No Input null The name of the system view to delete.
System View Returned Entity No Input null The target entity of the system view, i.e. 'account' or 'contact' etc.
System View Query Type No Input null The QueryType of the view to delete. See Query Types for possible values.
When Error Yes Input null The action to perform when no views or multiple matching views are found (based on View Id, Name, Query Type and Returned Entity). Can be "Ignore" (nothing happens) or "Error" (the activity will throw an exception).
Output View Id N/A Output N/A The Id of the deleted view.
Result Action N/A Output N/A The actual action performed by the activity. Can be "Delete" or "Ignore".

Although the DeploySystemView activity can delete System Views, its usefulness is limited by the fact that one has to specify the View Id of the view to delete, and the view itself cannot be used somewhere else in the workflow. This activity provides a stand-alone deletion mechanism based on multiple parameters.

The activity will try to identify a system view based on the parameters provided. All parameters are used as matching conditions. If there is one and only one view that matches all the conditions, the view is deleted. Otherwise the activity will error out or terminate without error, depending on the value of the "When Error" parameter.

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