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When users connect through their Outlook client and when they go offline for the first time, a set of filters are automatically created to manage their Local Data Groups, which specify how much data is downloaded to their local database copy (Offline Filters) and which contacts and activities are synchronised with Outlook (Outlook Filters).

Users can then modify these groups by creating/deleting or modifying these filters. Filters can be of four types, as specified in this article:

ResetUserFilters resets the user’s filters to the default configuration through a call to ResetUserFiltersRequest(), therefore forcing all the user’s downloaded content to revert to what the administrator has configured. The activity can be set to run on any entity.


Parameter Required Default Description
User to Reset Yes N/A The user whose filters will be reset.
Reset Offline Filters? No True Whether to reset the Offline filters (for when users go offline)
Reset Outlook Filters? No True Whether to reset the Online filters (for replicating with Outlook when online)

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